About Case Garden!

The Case Garden Moms are excited to invite you to the garden in 2008-2009. To get your group involved, to volunteer as an individual or for addition inormation contact us at ButterflyGarden@cox.net or 520 975-1590. For Tot Thyme information please contact TotThyme@hotmail.com

We ecourage other groups to organize their events and activities in the garden!

Please remember to obtain permission PRIOR to any removal or addition of anything, including painting or otherwise chaing the garden in anyway. Please make a request and receive permission before your event.

Managing Volunteers

After many years of volunteering their time, our current managers are winding down on their responsibilities and are looking for new leaders and helpers. If you want to adopt a part of the garden, if you can lend a hand from time to time or if you are interested in playing a managing role please contact the garden project coordinator, Brianna Curran at 520.975.1590 or at Butterflygarden@cox.net. Please join us in keeping up this desrt charm, that belongs to all of us!

Case Garden Moms

Case Garden Moms are the primary caretakes of the garden. They volunteer their time locating funding for the needs of the garden, caring for the garden, seeking and partnering with other community groups, creating and managing the free and fun activities and events all because they feel it is important to give to the community and to teach their children about making a difference. If these are values you share, and you are interested in learing or sharing garden knowledge you have, please consider joing our group. Even though we started as a group of moms, we would certainly never turn away a volunteer that is not a mom! We welcome all ages, all people to join us in caring for our community garden.